MiBA Mineralbio Cosmetics located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan is a distributor of cosmetics and health care products from South Korea since 2010.This company has been appointed by the manufacturing company from South Korea as the sole distributor of the MiBA brand in this country.MiBA Mineral-Bio products are made through the latest technology, the results of which are fresh from plants, sea products and have a high mineral content and are safe to use. This product has also received approval from the National Pharmaceutical Bureau of Malaysia and has been recognized by the USFDA. KFDA and has been certified by the Halal Certificate from the Korea Muslim Federation.In addition to the MiBA brand, the company is also the sole distributor for cosmetic brands from South Korea namely CELLMULA, DERMASBY and FUCOIDAN. Besides that, the company also produces its own health products under the MiCELL brand.